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Once your partner application has been approved, you’ll have access to a variety of customizable banners, widgets and links to promote ShippingQuest. You can customize our iframe to your site so you have the same look and feel. 

Get Paid

Earn up to 10% of revenue generated on any order, domestic and international. ShippingQuest will take care of the rest. Simply maintain your site and collect commissions.

Intergrate your site with ours 

Offer all of ShippingQuest's services directly on your site, save your customers time, money and give them a shipping solution that covers them nationally and internationally. 

Powerful Shipping Platform

Get connected to the most powerful shiping platform on the net. Boost your website and offer shipping solutions to your customers and users.

Quote it. Book it. Ship it.

It's that simple. Our platform offers instant shipping quotes from national carriers you know and trust. Quote domestic freight shipping and international ocean shipping directly on your site

Partner Network  

Unique Referral ID

Each partner receives a unique referral ID that can be inserted in any tool or widget used to promote ShippingQuest on their website.

Performance Report

Each partner has access to there partner manager to view performance reports, commissions, new users, and orders that allow to assess your progress and money earned.

Monthly Commissions

ShippingQuest distributes partner commissions at the beginning of every month for the previous month. We offer a variety of ways to get paid, paypal, checks, money wires. Whatever works for you.


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